Our Focus

Committed to
Empowering Patients


At Fix My Bariatric, we strive to fix the issues our patients encounter after weight loss surgery. Our goal is to make sure we solve any complications from your surgery, and help you lose any regained weight.


We want to provide the safest and easiest ways for our patients to maintain their new physique so that they can feel good about themselves.

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Safety and
Needs First

  • Safety

    Your safety is our number one concern. Our Physicians make sure to evaluate the current status of your body and health so that we know the best way to approach a procedure. We have extensive experience using the safest and most effective techniques around.

  • Healing

    We want to make sure our procedures heal conditions causing weight gain. At fix My Bariatric, we make sure our procedures make your body heal the fastest possible so that you can get back to your lifestyle fast.

  • Excellence

    Our doctors strive to provide only the best service. We are professionals with many years of experience allowing us to offer you the best treatment available.